• A brief preview of a massive interactive installation we created in Unity 3D

  • Upcoming changes to UnitySteer's handling of acceleration smoothing

  • A new major UnitySteer release with some very significant changes to improve performance.

  • Ricardo's Casual Connect talk on our self-funded game Hairy Tales and possible pitfalls that other indies should avoid is now online.

  • Post-mortem article looking at the history of Hairy Tales, where did the idea come from and how the project developed.

Welcome to Arges Systems. We're a studio developing interactive installations, AI tools and games with the Unity game engine.

Our projects

Welcome. Here you can read about our current and past projects, as well as our on-going series of postmortems.

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UnitySteer organization

Wondering about UnitySteer organization, and what all the classes do? These articles should clear things up.

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We have quite a few articles on AI and the Unity game engine, with a strong focus on autonomous agents.

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